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Congratulations!! If you are reading this you have made a decision, a GREAT one, to focus on rebuilding/establishing your credit. As we both know establishing BAD credit is far easier than fixing it! Most of the problem can be found in the misunderstanding or education as to how credit works and what a credit score is, outside of that maybe you made some errors that adversely affected your credit score which affects your ability to make purchases that require credit. The good news is that all of this can be repaired through a process commonly referred to as CREDIT RESTORATION. I’ll explain in further detail later, but for now we will define credit and how it impacts your credit score.

Credit by definition is the ability to obtain goods or services before payment, based on the trust that payment will be made at a later specified date. For example; you decide to purchase a new T.V. from your local electronic retailer, instead of buying outright with cash you decide to take the T.V. with a promise to make payments at a later date. You have just made a purchase using credit. While this can be a huge benefit it can also be a disaster if not used correctly.

Your credit score is a number used to determine your level of risk and the amount of money to be loaned as well as the interest that will be charged on the money/credit loaned to you. According to CBS Money Watch, this year, 2016 those three digit numbers will be even more important. Why? Well, back in December, the Federal Reserve Board elected to raise the benchmark federal-funds rate for the first time in nearly seven years and is expected to do so again as the year progresses. This rate determines how much interest a financial institution will pay to borrow from one another, when it goes up so does the prime rate which is the lowest rate that lenders can charge their most credit worthy consumers. This basically means that if your credit score is challenged, bad, the amount of money you will pay to borrow will go up! Though rates can vary state to state it isn’t unusual for consumers with horrible credit to pay as much as 27% interest on auto loans. Could you imagine paying more than that?! It’s TIME TO GET YOUR CREDIT RIGHT! Lets just make this crystal clear! You buy a car at 12,800 with a 23.99 interest rate with a payment of 349 a month for 57 months. At the end of the 57th month you would’ve paid 19,900 for your car which is 7100.41 more than the principle amount. The interest rate here is determined by your credit score which is a subprime rate. The point is BAD CREDIT CAN COST YOU MORE THAN WHAT ITS WORTH!
The good! M5 Automotive Group, Inc along with FES, Financial Education Services has a solution that will get your credit score on point and will help you save THOUSANDS.  A recent Federal Trade Commission study found that one out of five consumers have errors and inaccuracies on at least one of their credit reports, these erroneous accounts can cost you 1000’s but with our help we can help you eliminate these errors permanently. FES, Financial Education Services, have been in business over 10 years and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. So why Financial Education Service and M5?
So what are we waiting for? Let’s GET STARTED TODAY! A better credit score is only a few clicks away. For more information, please fill out contact form below and a credit restoration professional will be calling you soon. 

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